Getting things done

I had plans for today and I’m pleased to say that I got pretty much all of it done.

First job was to re-arrange the furniture in the attic bedroom so that a fairly tall cupboard that stores my daughters arts and crafts stuff was directly under the window up there.  This is the one room in the terraced house that gets quite a lot of sun, from when the sun rises behind the houses on the hill behind us until midday.  And even on overcast days it gets good light.  So the reason for wanting a work surface there is two-fold – I want somewhere to germinate seeds AND somewhere to take photographs of the things I make for my Etsy shop.

Second job of the day was to empty out all of the old compost from the pots in the garden and get it into the car and take it to the tip.  Done.

I then got the kids to help me with washing out all of the pots we own – they did the little plastic ones and I did the big earthen-ware ones.  And once that was done I filled the smaller pots with bulb compost, planted Summer flowering bulbs and topped each pot with a little regular compost and some Spring bedding.  The left over Summer bulbs were planted in random places in the garden although I’m unsure of how they’ll fare as the soil in the only bed available is very compact and full of roots from trees and shrubs.  I just figured that if the Bluebells could make it through every year something else might just manage it too.

Luckily this was all done just before a fairly heavy rain shower so that was pretty handy.

Tea was consumed and then the kids were restless so I took us all for a walk around the river which meant that we did about half the journey in the early dark of evening, so once we got home is was pyjamas and supper all round.  One of them is in bed already and the second is just watching Dr Who before I pack her off to bed so that I can try and get some dance practice in.

All in all I’m a happy bunny.

New Things….

….but not new things I have made.

It’s been a funny couple of weeks.  Very cold weather meant that I spent most days last week wearing my coat indoors between 9am and 3.00pm and getting very little done whilst J was at nursery.

And then at the weekend there was a great flurry of things happening.  First off I dropped my phone (one held together with gaffer tape no less) down the toilet.  I spent most of Friday and Saturday trying to get it dried out enough to assess the damage.  In the meantime my parents visited us on Saturday and within the haul of goodies they brought with them were:

A knife (I’ve got lots of knives so I made them take it back)

A First Aid kit for the car (I’ve got one in the car, one in the house and one in with my camping gear, so I made them take that home too)

Some teeny little stockings for the Christmas tree (ok, I’ll keep those then)

A couple of belly dance belts (ok, I’ll keep those too)

Chocolates (go on then, twist my arm….)

Another box of chocolates (owww, more arm twisting)

A bottle of wine (ooooh, ok, if I must keep it….)

Secateurs (long story, don’t ask)

A laptop (REALLY?  you don’t want it?)  It turns out that my mum got it from a friend who got it as an incentive when he bought a phone.  He didn’t want it, gave it to my mum who in turn spent three weeks playing Solitaire on it, decided she has no interest in anything it can do for her and so has given it to me. !!!  A while ago a friend came round to my house with her laptop and after identifying the network and putting in the password the laptop wouldn’t work.  I later Googled this (just in case I ever got a laptop – which in fairness seemed unlikely) and found out that I probably needed to get a dongle as my PC is wired, not unwired.  But on Saturday I got the laptop to connect via my home broadband and so now I was feeling all….technical 🙂

About an hour after my parents left my ex called to say that he had an armchair, did I want it?  Yes please!  We currently have a sofa that me and the two kids can get onto and the only chair in the sitting room was a creaky and uncomfortable wicker one – now we have a big old armchair so it’s all getting quite comfy.  I’m already looking forward to sitting in the wicker chair in the garden during what I hope will be a balmy summer (well, I can hope can’t I?)

And on Sunday I discovered that the dunking my phone took meant that the battery couldn’t hold a charge for more than 6 hours, and all of my photos, music, vids were wiped, and the camera would no longer work.  Time for a new phone.  I now have a pretty good touch-screen phone, nothing too flashy and got that to connect to the home broadband earlier so now I’m really teched up!

You may notice that no-where in this post do I mention dancing/classes/making stuff…..I’ll save that for later in the week, so in the meantime why not click on over to 1st Unique Gifts and see what the very crafty people over there have been up to!

Belly dance headdresses – and other things….

The week to come is a busy busy one….

Amongst the motherly duties and volunteering that I do I have a new class promote via posters and fliers.  I hope it doesn’t rain this week as I really do not fancy walking around posting the fliers through doors in cold wintry rain.  Monday evening?  Not sure yet – might complete a choker, write a choreography (or at least start one) or have an evening off as I’ve got a full and busy week ahead.

On Tuesday evening I have troupe dance training/practice to go to as usual, and then on Wednesday we are all attending a baladi workshop with a fabulous dancer from the US who is here for a few days, Ranya Renee (very excited about this!)  Baladi is a traditional style of belly dance, a very beautiful earthy and folky style and the workshop with Ranya will be both hard work and a great treat.

On Thursday I’ll be sewing/promoting and I may well get to finish these two flower and feather headdresses:


I love making these kind of headdresses, and I have deliberately made these ones quite simply so that the pricing isn’t over the top.  As I have some of the base fabrics left I think I shall make another version of each but this time with more jewellery and bling attached so that customers can choose between a simple version or a mega-version.  Once they are completed they’ll be listed in my Etsy shop and then I really need to get on and complete the purple one that’s sitting on a head in my living room….

Friday?  It’s Bollywood night at my daughter’s school and although Bollywood dance isn’t really what I do I AM the only mum prepared to get up in front of everyone and perform as well as try and get some adults up to join in with a *copy me* version of the same dance.  I’m going to be doing a belly dance/bollywood fusion number that I performed in a troupe some years ago; the music is fun, and I can make the choreography a little simpler so that people can follow along more easily (note to self, I really must upload the track to my MP4 player….)

Once the Bollywood event is over I shall drop the children off at their dads for the weekend and next morning get to have that most coveted of things….a lie in!

At various points through-out this week I will be practising/reminding myself of a choreography that I shall be performing at a belly dance event (known as a Hafla) I’m going to on Saturday evening.  Now that I’ve decided what I’m going to do I’m feeling quite happy; I couldn’t decide on what to do until I realised that I have a choreo that hasn’t been seen outside of my Sunday class so I’m going to use it on Saturday.  As I have a small stall at the event I’ll need to make sure I’ve got everything packed into my wheelie bag by mid afternoon so that I can do a last double check of my costume and make sure I’ve got everything else I need.

It’s just as well I’m writing this down – I was thinking that by this time next week I’d have had a lie-in, taught a class and would have the children home, but in fact I shall be at the Hipnotic belly dance event I co-run every two months……wow, busy week it is!

As I feel as though I have been slacking on the making front I’d better point you in the direction of the 1st Unique Gifts Blog – by the time I’ve had a look at what everyone else has been up to I shall feel exhausted all over again but it’s great to go and see what people have been doing and making – all very inspirational!


Oh what to do….?

Suddenly I am child free this afternoon….

So here’s the list of what I need to do before 4pm:

Get ready for Hipnotic tomorrow; costumes, music, get paper plates from somewhere (why couldn’t I find paper plates in Morrisons?), make cakes and hide them from the kids, do some more dance practice, housework, ironing…..

Actually, scratch the ironing….

Or……..shall I have a cup of tea and read a book and have a nap?

The latter is very tempting……maybe that can be my reward if I manage to squeeze everything else into the next hour?

I have an intense dislike for my printer

It refuses to feed paper through and tells me that there’s no paper when there is.

Then it tells me that there’s a paper jam when there is not.

Printing one sheet of paper can take hours or persuasion, let alone when I need to print out multiple sheets.

Yes.  I know I should buy another printer.  When I can I will, and in the meantime I shall continue to SHOUT at an inanimate object that refuses to assist me.

Rant over.

It comes in and it goes out again…..

With a *landscaped* garden full of stones it was inevitable.  What’s surprising is that such a small boy could throw a stone with enough force to break a window.  But he could, and he did.  Next door now have a broken double glazed window and I have a big hole in my pocket.

Or rather, I have been on the end of a karmic joke of sorts.  At the precise time that a customer was paying me for a custom costume my son aged two years and almost 9 months threw the stone and broke the window.  Luckily, the neighbours didn’t scream at me (they’re nice people) and obviously I had to offer to pay for the damage.  Even more luckily my neighbour’s brother is a window fitter and can get her a replacement for exactly the price I charged my customer.

It comes in and it goes out again.