Gettin’ all webby

So.  I’ve been busy re-building websites.  

Now, I’m no expert at this and I am the queen of using templates.  Why have I had to rebuild my websites?  Well, one was because a previous site host was too expensive for what I was getting so I shut down the site in September last year and it’s taken me this long to get it sorted out again.  It’s up and running and apart from a few tweaks and a bit of linking I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking and you can go and have a look at it if you like?  Blackwillow Tribal is the name.

Website #2 is my belly dance site, with information about my classes.  The host for this one is changing the package and I felt that what I was getting for the price I would have been paying it wasn’t right for my needs.  So I’ve used the same web-builder site that I have for Blackwillow Tribal and I’m currently waiting to hear from the current registrar to see if they will unlock the domain and enable me to transfer to the same registrar based here in the UK that I’m using for the above site.

And website #3 is my belly dance event site – and I’m re-building it for the same reasons as #2.  It’s unlocked and the transfer should be happening for that one in a few days.  Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

Getting things done

I had plans for today and I’m pleased to say that I got pretty much all of it done.

First job was to re-arrange the furniture in the attic bedroom so that a fairly tall cupboard that stores my daughters arts and crafts stuff was directly under the window up there.  This is the one room in the terraced house that gets quite a lot of sun, from when the sun rises behind the houses on the hill behind us until midday.  And even on overcast days it gets good light.  So the reason for wanting a work surface there is two-fold – I want somewhere to germinate seeds AND somewhere to take photographs of the things I make for my Etsy shop.

Second job of the day was to empty out all of the old compost from the pots in the garden and get it into the car and take it to the tip.  Done.

I then got the kids to help me with washing out all of the pots we own – they did the little plastic ones and I did the big earthen-ware ones.  And once that was done I filled the smaller pots with bulb compost, planted Summer flowering bulbs and topped each pot with a little regular compost and some Spring bedding.  The left over Summer bulbs were planted in random places in the garden although I’m unsure of how they’ll fare as the soil in the only bed available is very compact and full of roots from trees and shrubs.  I just figured that if the Bluebells could make it through every year something else might just manage it too.

Luckily this was all done just before a fairly heavy rain shower so that was pretty handy.

Tea was consumed and then the kids were restless so I took us all for a walk around the river which meant that we did about half the journey in the early dark of evening, so once we got home is was pyjamas and supper all round.  One of them is in bed already and the second is just watching Dr Who before I pack her off to bed so that I can try and get some dance practice in.

All in all I’m a happy bunny.