Christmas Crafting

….has not been done by me unless you count food 🙂

I’ve done very little except for think about things that are *in production*, and look at a bag of rhinestones to sort out in my minds eye the ones I want to use on a headdress that’s about a third of the way to completion….

Other than that the children have held sway over the creative realm over the Christmas holidays.  Here’s my tree, looking a little bedraggled:

Today was Art Day.  My daughter came in to my room at 6.30am to ask if she could get her paints out.  A (random) prize will be awarded to anyone able to correctly guess my answer to her (I’ll allow some room for creative license here)  😀

Anyway, once we were up and bathed and breakfasted and dressed I got out the paints.   They both spent about an hour painting/vaguely arguing over who should have artists rights over the colours available to them.

After a great many attempts my son came up with this…

I can assure you that it’s not as good as his previous series of works, The Sarah Jane Game On CBBC renditions, which mostly comprise of grids drawn in green crayon (my apologies for having nothing to show of this collection, it *appears* to have been recycled).  But it did take him almost an hour to create this piece from a selection of 12 colours.

Kid’s art is fabulous, especially for me as his mum as I can see daily how this new skill ebbs and flows from him.  His drawings of people are now more abstract than they were in the first two days of him drawing Father Christmas, but they are suddenly more populated.  Here’s one of me:

I’m the blob on the far left.  Next to me the two tall beings are him and his sister, top right is the sun and bottom right is, *just something, I don’t know what it is.*  So the milestone today was him drawing more than one figure on the page available.  Would it be too “cod psychology” of me to imagine that his realisation about how many people can exist in a space is working on both an internal and external level?  Is he beginning to distance himself from those he loves, maybe in readiness for his next external milestone, nursery?  Is that why he can now draw more than one person on a chalk-board? (And can I just say that the chalk-board has earned every penny of the 99p I spent on it?)

The last in today’s series of child art comes in the form of a diagram representing small, medium, big:

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas whatever you’ve been doing, and that the New Year brings us all joy and wonder and hope. xx

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