Fun weekends ahead?

So at the weekend we’re off to a small theme park in my old stomping grounds – it’s a place I last visited many many years ago when I was a little girl and that when I worked in the town used to drive past each day.

Me and the children are off to Wicksteeds in Kettering with the Single With Kids group – so it’s all single parents and their children camping for a weekend together in one big group.

*Pray for sunshine* everyone.  I would like this last camping weekend to be a good one, and the sun always helps.

The school holidays have been pretty good this year for us.  Last year was a dark time for me and as children are resilient they do not seem to remember that mummy was not *herself* this time last year.  That I am grateful for.

The next two weeks are something I have been looking forward to – this weekend we are away, then we come back for a few days and then we go off again for a seaside break before returning the day before school for my oldest.  Hopefully the sun will shine on both weekends.

As for me?  Well, I hope to regain some of my love for dancing (it has eluded me for far too long) and I hope to get back into a routine where I can start being as creative as I need to be.

Tribal belly dance bras

I’ve had three dance bras hanging around the place for ages and really all I had to do what get some photos and get them up on Etsy.  Yesterday, despite the school holiday odds I managed to do so:

Here’s one that sold overnight (whoop!)

So I added another one to the shop this morning

And then there’s one more to go so I’ll put that in sometime this weekend

Then of course there are all of the remaining bra bases in various sizes that are stashed in my cupboard – it’s been a while since I actually decorated any so that might be another project to get underway (but probably not until September).  I’m going to have a go at being a bit more creative and a little less symmetrical.

Also on the go are three headdresses and I found about 3 pieces of jewellery I’ve recently made but had forgotten about.  There are also ideas of things to do with some random bits of feather boas but I’ll give them a little more thought and wait until the weather cools down before playing with them as hot and humid UK weather and fluffy feathers do not mix terribly well!

Interestingly, according to Goggle Analytics my shop has had quite a few hits from a long-haired forum so I shall be upping the anti on hair toys soon too, and adding *hair toys* as a tag to see what happens as when I visited the forum for a nosey that was the term being bandied around a lot….

Shiny Up-Date

The school summer holidays are well and truly up us now, so for me that means limited time to create, practice dance and choreograph in readiness for next term.

No matter.  I shall be doing what I can in the next month and we’ll see what comes of it.  And now, as a small child has fallen asleep (never good at 5pm in the afternoon) I’m off to dig out the last couple of my tribal belly dance bras and see if I can get some pictures for Etsy.

Plus, if you’re interested in coming to classes I’ve updated the Blackwillow Belly Dance website with dates for the coming school year.