Headdress Drama

Yesterday produced a flurry of Etsy activity that was….interesting.

The upshot is that this piece sold to someone going to The Secret Garden festival in the UK.  What was even better about it was that the customer was on Etsy looking for inspiration for something she was making and decided to buy my headdress instead.  Yay!

So first of all I get an email asking how quickly I can get it sent to her as she’s in the UK and she assumed I was in the US.  Nope, I’m here in good old Blighty.  I can send it today (yesterday IRL).  Ok, customer doesn’t have a Paypal account……  That’s ok, I can send an invoice and she can send via Paypal without setting up an account.  DOH!  There are to-ings and fro-ings that I won’t go into but eventually the sale is made, the price is paid and I get it in the post at 3pm guaranteed to get to her the next day (today).

As would be expected her last email to me was to check that the item was as good as it looked – I assured her that it would be better than it looked in the photo as photos are not my strong suit……

The feedback was worth all the online fretting – “She just arrived and she’s GORGEOUS, thank you so much!!”

Ah, I love a happy customer…….

2 thoughts on “Headdress Drama

  1. Debbie says:

    congratulations – and she will be a walking advert!

  2. Deborah Fox says:

    Thanks for all the likes of this post people xx

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