Taking Great Pictures

As you may know, taking great pictures is not my strong suit but I’m going to be trying again to get better shots of my handmade and vintage items as soon as the dark skies clear and the rain stops falling.

Whilst I am not pinning all hopes of more sales from my Etsy store on simply having better pictures I am keen to ensure that I have the best photographs possible.

So this has been my research subject for the week – to buy a light tent or not?  What can I use as a fabulous but not too distracting back-drop or background?  Do I need a better camera?

I think the camera I have is pretty good, and I’m getting better at using the settings and functions on it and to be fair to myself I cannot afford a new one.  Having a tripod has helped enormously.  All I have to do now is make British summer conditions work for me, and find the best spots in the house to get the best light (something this is always going to be changeable and that I’ll have to be flexible about).

I’ve found some great articles online about photography and here are some of the better ones:

Table Top Studio

Handmade Marketing

Everything Etsy

I’ll keep you posted with progress….





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