Sneak Peek…..

So the photos are rubbish and were taken earlier without proper staging – I just wanted to get a few pics of this one up as I am soooo pleased with it.  It does need a little adjusting, unless you have a smallish head (not freakishly small, just not massive) but the adjustments are going to be easily done.

After various members of Covert Bling tried it on for me tonight I can assure you that if you have long hair this looks sumptuous and I shall make sure to do something that is equally as sumptuous for those with shorter hair.

And, I think I may have found a model for my head-wear instead of Dolly Head….  Sam?  You know who you are!

My Mucha-esque inspired Pearl and Chain Headdress:

Mucha-esque Headdress






I love this and want to make more more more, and have textile versions planned too…..

The work of Alphonse Mucha inspires me always and although to some it may be hokey and quite possibly pop because of his popularity (no pun intended), I don’t care.  The beautiful, sumptuous, flowing and sensual nature of his work is just irresistible.  Who doesn’t want to look like a goddess?  Really?

In my bedroom I have a signed Bob Masse print of one of Mucha’s Autumn pictures and each time I look at it I wonder why I don’t have more Mucha prints framed in my home.  I’m just an Art Nouveau freak at heart.  When I look at the peas growing in my garden I love the way the pea shoot tendrils snake and curve around one another….I love the way that Mucha romanticises women and their forms and so it cannot help but escape into my work.

I’m happy because this piece has been made with a mixture of contemporary and vintage pieces, and this exact item cannot be reproduced.  So there will be only one…..  I’m happy because it has been weighted to it perfectly on your head without the need for clips and grips (unless you’re going to do some radical moves) and I think that as a Bridal Wear piece, this is just awesome….

Once I get good photos it’ll go up on Etsy.  I’ll keep you posted. xx

One thought on “Sneak Peek…..

  1. Debbie says:

    This is lovely – glad the octopus of self doubt is at bay. I love Mucha, there is a lot of his stuff in Prague (my favourite place – from a gothic arty farty point of view)

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