The bedtime ballet……

…is in reality more of a fight.

This is about children by the way…

Yes.  I know it’s a bit warm.  And yes, I know it’s light outside.  But for heaven’s sake, surely after being up since silly o’clock small children with busy lives and full tummies should feel the need to go to bed, and sleep.

Not want to get into each others bunks, spill water, need their sleeping bags (sleeping bags!!) and generally feel the need to bang and crash around until I have to steam up-stairs and play the evil mummy card.

I’m no fun when it gets to this point, no eye contact or kisses or kind words, just stern admonishments that they should GET BACK INTO BED.  All totally lost on them the minute I close the door.  My almost three year old is currently over-tired and shouting for the kids who live across and up the road…maybe he hopes they’ll come and save him from evil mummy who keeps making him get back into bed….

Don’t they know I have to write a blog, do some dance practice, make a Mucha inspired headdress for the Etsy shop, do some more dance practice, think about how I’m going to cobble together a costume for Sunday’s performance at Hipnotic (for which I need to practice some more, did I mention that?)

I think I’ll go and eat some chocolate and hope they don’t smell it.

6 thoughts on “The bedtime ballet……

  1. Debbie says:

    From one evil mummy to another, l I have had – ‘feel sick’, ‘not well’ (bottom lip stuck out), ‘drinkawater’, ‘my caterpillar’ – list goes on, stupidly lent the blackout blind to my sister so blanket and pegs will have to do ..

  2. For a couple of weeks we had no curtain rail and I put a thick black piece of fabric up at the window until it was mended. During that time I had to endure, “Mummy, it’s too dark, I can’t see my hand…” as well as the usual routine… 😉

  3. Debbie says:

    stop writing things that are funny!! – I’m trying to do some work ..

    • Deborah Fox says:

      glad it’s made someone laugh! and if it helps I’m multi-tasking too, trying to make a Mucha style drapey headdress – bad pics to follow sometime when they will go to bed….

  4. This is so true!! My two are sound asleep at the moment. We have got into a routine of taking them for a long walk after dinner, fresh air an exercise seem to knock them out. I just love summer!!

  5. Thing is, I do all of that, and still the little darlings fight to stay awake (I tell myself that it’s because they love me!) x

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