Camping, single mum style…..

As you may or may not know, I am a single parent.

Those of you who are not parents will not understand why this has been made as a statement.  Those of you that are may now understand why my posts are erratic, why my “making time” as Blackwillow the accessories designer (and belly dance teacher) seems to become such a focus point for me at various times…..

To share a little with you I have been a single parent for some time, but I only split with my now ex other half just under a year ago.  For the sake of my children (and my own sanity) I was able to keep up a front for some time……

When we did split up, one of my first thoughts was, “Where I am I going to go on holiday with the kids??”  I very quickly found a website devoted to this very situation.  That I felt comfortable with.  There are more than one that cater to people in my situation, that of being single with kids, but this was the one I am most happy with.

Last summer I met up with a couple of mums and their kids at a park but wasn’t brave enough to do anything else.  I’m quite shy really.  (No, really….being a belly dancer is about putting on a costume, a face, a persona….)

But, here was a weekend in the New Forest, and even if I wasn’t brave enough to go and introduce myself to people, the kids would be bound to make at least one new friend each.

The New Forest, Brockenhurst, UK

G now has two new friends that I hope we will see more of because they don’t live far away, and J……well, J tagged along with a couple of boys that were camped close by and most importantly had an epithany.

He spent most of Friday evening and most of Saturday saying, “Mummy, I want to go home.”  He’s two years and nine months old.  But then at about 6pm on Saturday he decided to take all of his clothes off and run around naked for an hour, wiggling his bits at who ever would take notice.  It was hilarious and beautiful all at once.  One of the children we had befriended (older at seven and more at home with the idea of shame) asked, “Isn’t he embarrassed?”  I was proud to say, “No, at his age it just feels good!”

After the heavy and torrential rain of Friday night it was a relief to have a dry night in the tent, and on Sunday morning when we woke up it was misty and I was happy in the knowledge that the day was set to be fine.  It was.  By 11am the sun was out and shining and once the tent was put away and the goodbyes said I asked the children where they would like to go and before it was even optioned J said, “The beach!”.

Off we went to the nearest beach, a mere 15 minutes away.  Although a pebble beach they and Had great fun jumping and dodging the strong waves for a good four hours before ice creams all round and then a long journey home.

This photo is a little like something from Inception, where you never see the children’s faces.  You will never see my children’s faces.  I love and protect them.  But today I want to love and share them……

On the way home we spent a lot longer in the car than I would have liked, but as someone either had a very bad day, or met their demise on the M3, we kept the energy up by playing Eye Spy.  “Eye Spy something in the colour of red.”

“I/we give up…..”

“A crane lifting a cow!”  (nowhere to be seen but when you’re playing with someone who’s not quite three then some artistic license is allowed).

We all had a great weekend.  I made some new friends and met some I’ve talked to online and I am ashamed to say I didn’t catch up with everyone who has been so supportive to me over the last (almost) year.  And more importantly, the kids made friends and had a FAB time. We’ll definitely be doing this again.


2 thoughts on “Camping, single mum style…..

  1. Andrea says:

    Sounds like you had a really lovely time 🙂

  2. We did, I’ve booked another weekend away with the group and am off camping with the kids and some friends this weekend too. And nice to have you on board here! xx

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