So tonight, once the children were in bed I was planning to make a KILLER headdress.

Killer as in fabulous fabric, chains, dangly jewelry bits, feathers, flowers – the whole shebang.  But in order to clear a bit of head-space I needed to do some house-keeping first. NO!  Not house-work, but check my bank account, do my books, tidy up the boring stuff.  That allows m the creative space I need.  And what do I find?  That I just paid for my ex’s motorbike (a hunking piece of rust) to be insured.  What…..?

Last year, when we were still pretending to be in love, I paid for his motorbike insurance from one of my miniscule bank accounts (ok, I’m a Taurus so I have more than one and one day they will all be filled with moolah…)

I had forgotten about this and didn’t realise that when it was due to be paid again they would write to him, and would then automatically take the payment from my account…. (because he never opens letter, that impinges on his life too much and *ties him down, man*).

In fairness he responded to my text message about it pretty quickly and I will get the monies so that I can sort out the debt but FFS.  That messed up my creativity big-time.

Tonight’s lunar eclipse is supposed to be a significant one, and for me one that relates to monetary matters.  *Rolls eyes*.

So instead I’ve just spent the last two hours adding to my blackwillowbellydance website and SEO’ing for all my life is worth.  Well, got to do something constructive…..

It’s now 11.03pm and I’ve got bread in the oven so that I can eat Tricolore Salad before bed (I am willing the avocado to be ripe enough…..)

In other news I found out tonight that the first campsite I am going to with the kids is on rocky ground so I’ve had to buy rock pegs and a claw hammer to accommodate this…that’s ok, I don’t want to return the tent I’ve borrowed with 20 bent pegs at the end of the summer.  I’ve only borrowed a tent because the one I have is huge and takes up three very heave bags because when I bought it I wasn’t a proper camper and didn’t look at how it was constructed, only at how big it was.  The tent I have borrowed is just as big but fits into one bag and I can put it up by myself.  I do have a girly tool box that contains a hammer, but it’s not a claw hammer so hey, I needed one didn’t I?

And tomorrow I will again give the killer headdress a couple of coats of thinking about during the day when I am busy with my small son, and tomorrow night might get around to getting the base ready for some magnificent accessorizing.  Fingers crossed eh?

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