Slowly but surely….

…I’m moving everything from one site to another.  I really want to get everything shifted and the site closed down as soon as I can, particularly as I read about other people’s vain attempts to get their sites closed with this particular web-host (I’m not going to mention names until things get ugly…) as I’ve done the sums and it costs me too much for what I can achieve with it.  So let’s get shot of it.

…I’m honing my search engine optimization skills.  An art if ever there was one.  This is something that I have put off for quite some time, but I really need to get my act together and make sure that I tweak and tweak and tweak until I get the results I want.

…I’m working on a choreography for myself.  This is always a tricky one as I often feel as though I am lacking time for this area.  See above…..

…I am making notes for lessons plans for September belly dance classes.  I have some great ideas for the ladies who attend my classes (including the learning disability class) and I love teaching so it’s all worth making sure that after the summer break everyone gets to do something that challenges them.

…finishing a custom order and getting ready to start another and also try and make some new items to put up on my Etsy shop, Blackwillow Boho.

One of the keys to selling on Etsy would seem to be having lots in your shop.  But that is only one of the keys.  But I have to say that I’ve had more sales and views of my items through Etsy than I have through the existing costuming website so all’s well, I just have to build on it.  It’s hard hard work though, particularly when you’re starting out there.  Don’t let anyone tell you that selling online is a doddle….

In all honesty I’m unsure where this surge in creativity has come from but I’m not knocking it.  Sustaining it is the difficulty, but then who ever said life was easy.

It should also be added that I do spend time with my children.  I seem to be at the back and call of my daughter and her current obsession with Webkinz and Bin Weevils websites, as well as collecting snails and generally playing with and attending groups with my young son.

I’m hoping to have a night out with friends this week, so maybe that’s the start of a mini social-life too!  Eek!  Can I do it all?  Watch this space…….

2 thoughts on “Slowly but surely….

  1. Debbie says:

    SEO good luck with that one – it still baffles me… Deb xx

  2. It is most definitely a mine-field but I am getting to grips with it as one must!

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