Being Overt….

Ahh, that got you didn’t it!  No, this isn’t a post about being overt in the sense you thought it might be, it’s about a belly dance I gig I did with my troupe mates tonight.

I dance with a belly dance troupe called Covert Bling and as Covert Bling we perform improvised tribal belly dance, but tonight we were Overt Bling!  Sparkly costumes, full on cabaret style with props and everything.  Not all of us could be there, so it was down to myself, Helen, Kat and Emma to wow the crowd who were attending a charity night with an Arabian theme.

If you don’t partake in belly dance yourself then you won’t know that it’s common to end up getting changed in a toilet cubicle, mirrors are a blessing, and often things are pretty dire.  Much less glamorous that you might imagine.

We did end up in a toilet cubicle but for the most part we were all dressed on arrival instead of having to get changed there.  It was fun.  Whilst we waited for the opportune moment to be introduced and do our stuff (people were finishing off their meals and there’s nothing worse than getting left overs caught on your veil so the organisers were very thoughtful and were clearing tables before introducing us) we chatted and caught up on gossip, advised whether hair and jewellery accessories were required (when you’re using a veil things can get tricky) and generally acted like the good friends we are, checking fastenings, whether there was lipstick on teeth etc.

The crowd seemed to enjoy their unexpected entertainment and we all thoroughly enjoyed the chance to get up and strut our stuff.

What was even nicer was when some women stopped us on the way out and complimented us on our dancing.  Obviously we pounced on the opportunity to plug that three of us teach and that we run a bi-monthly event. It would be silly not to.

And on the way out, after being thanked again by the organisers, someone said, “Gosh, it’ll take you ages to get your make-up off now won’t it?”  Nope.  Wet wipes.  Told you it was glamorous.

My next personal gig is with a branch of the WI.  I’ll keep you posted!


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