It comes in and it goes out again…..

With a *landscaped* garden full of stones it was inevitable.  What’s surprising is that such a small boy could throw a stone with enough force to break a window.  But he could, and he did.  Next door now have a broken double glazed window and I have a big hole in my pocket.

Or rather, I have been on the end of a karmic joke of sorts.  At the precise time that a customer was paying me for a custom costume my son aged two years and almost 9 months threw the stone and broke the window.  Luckily, the neighbours didn’t scream at me (they’re nice people) and obviously I had to offer to pay for the damage.  Even more luckily my neighbour’s brother is a window fitter and can get her a replacement for exactly the price I charged my customer.

It comes in and it goes out again.


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