Ch ch ch ch changes……

So.  Very soon I shall close down my Blackwillowtribal website.  Why?  Everything will be shifting over to Etsy for all of those unique items you all so love and want to buy.  I love Etsy.  Not only can you buy from me but you can see who I love and buy from them too – it’s like being in the BEST shopping arcade without having to leave your own home…..

So what else is happening?  Well, the Blackwillow Belly Dance site will have new information added, and YOU can get involved.  Tell me what you want to see, or read and learn about and I’ll do the hard work for you.

All of my other blog posts will be moved across to this one.  Why?  Because I have a pre-schooler at home with me until January next year.  That’s January 2012.  I need to concentrate on him AND my daughter who just turned seven.  They both need me.  I’m a single mum now with less time on my hands to do what’s good for me outside of my children.  But do you know what?  I need this…..  I need belly dance.  I need to keep promoting and running the Hipnotic event in Reading cos I LOVE it.  And I need to keep making things because this has always been a part of my life and until now I haven’t been able to fully understand how close this is to my heart – to my reason for being.  I love to create things and I JUST CAN’T KEEP IT ALL!

But I need to have everything in one place.    To have everything in a place where I can access and talk to you, explain to you, share with you everything that’s going on.

So I’m stream-lining and sorting it all out.

Make sure to subscribe to THIS blog to keep up to date with everything – it’s all going to be here very shortly……..

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