Sagat Lesson

The most amazing thing happened yesterday afternoon.

I teach a group of women with learning disabilities on Friday afternoons.  When they came along and did their first performance at Hipnotic a few months ago they were blown away by a) the Fat Chance Belly Dance dvd we were showing on the screens, and b) Kamara, who used sagat/zills/finger cymbals in their second performance.  Ever since they have been bugging me to show them how to use them.

So yesterday I decided to take my bag of sagat along and reward them with having a go if they worked at doing the choreography (an edited version of a choreo they love by my good friend and mentor Emma as we will perform it in May at Hipnotic).

They did work hard and I so I got the sagat out to great excitement.  They were amazing!  All we did was triples (right left right) and with encouragement they not only were able to walk around the room keeping in pretty good time, but some of them found their inner diva again and were dancing.  I got them to stop and do some hip drops, and then in response to the music stop again and keep their sagat silent before we started moving again.  And I couldn’t stop grinning the whole time.  They were soooo amazing using their new prop.  In fact, they are all really fired up by props.  Their very first performance was with veils because I realised early on that they love having something to play with as well as dance.

I tried to use as many words as I could to let them know how fantastic they were at using sagat, moving and dancing all at the same time.  I still don’t have the words to describe the experience!  So much so that I am very tempted to have them perform with sagat later in the year.

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