Ballet lessons

As part of our troupe training we are currently receiving ballet classes.  That’s right, ballet!

I have to say that so far it has been great fun, difficult but not too difficult, and challenging without being impossible.  The teacher has a lovely manner, and a very dirty laugh – just as well as we all laugh a lot!   And tonight she asked if we felt what we were learning was useful, asked if we were enjoying it.  I think the upshot is that I am enjoying it, but we’re still not sure of how I can really use it.  I know that what I’m being shown can only improve my dancing, but I’m just not at a place where I can pull it into my belly dance life.

With this in mind I’ve suggested that next time we teach the ballet teacher some belly dance.  Then she might see why it is that we find it tricky to get the weight exchanges, and if we show her both some Oriental and Tribal she’ll see how we move and turn.  Hopefully this will help her understand what’s happening for us.  Ballet is all about balance at the front of the feet. being light and airy,  and those of us who have only ever done belly dance are all weighted in the heels, with low centres of gravity and a connection with the earth.  She seemed to be keen on the idea and is going to come along a little earlier so that we can teach her some stuff.

What do I want from this personally?  I want to improve my overall posture, both in real life and in my dance.  I would like to be more graceful, more purposeful and more at ease with my body.  Being a better dancer is all we want isn’t it?

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